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Above is a link fo r the GoFundMe page for Maui sponsored by the family of Dr. Wayne Dyer, longtime resident of Maui.

Tribute and Prayers to Maui and the citizens of Hawaii

My husband and I had planned a vacation to Hawaii for mid-September of 2023.  It would be our first trip to the beautiful island paradise.  The stay included 6 days in Oahu and 6 days in Maui.  We have now rerouted the trip to only Oahu.  We send prayers to all the people of Maui and Hawaii who are affected by the horrible wildfires of August 2023!  The family of Dr. Wayne Dyer has opened a GoFundMe account for all the people of Maui.   A longtime resident of Maui, Dr.  Dyer's home was destryed by the fire in Lahaina.

August 8, 2023                      Lion's Gate 

The Lion's Gate Portal is a time to Meditate, Visualize, and Create your best life with everything you wish to manifest! Look to the Stars as the Sun in Leo aligns with Sirius! 

Just a Quick Note to Someone Who Needs to See This! 

Writer, Write! 

As the photo says:

 One Day you will tell your story about how you overcame what you went through and it'll be someone else's Survival Guide.

Photo from a Facebook post by TheMuniverse.com

Summer Solstice--The Longest Day of the Year--June 21, 2023

The Summer Solstice comes at the exact moment which is the halfway point of the year! It will take place Wednesday, June 21, 2023 at 7:58 PDT in the US.

According to Dr. Darren Haskill of the University of Sussex, quoted from BBC Science Focus Magazine, "The summer solstice occurs for the northern hemisphere when the Earth moves into such a position that its North Pole is pointing in the direction of the Sun, making the Sun high in the sky."

I enjoy getting up early to watch the event on YouTube, where it is streamed LIVE from Stonehenge by English Heritage, a charity that cares for Stonehenge, as well as many historic sites in the UK.  https://www.youtube.com/live/w2KHYef-LRU?feature=share

Many ancient cultures, such as the Druids, performed special rituals at the Summer Solstice. Even today, many people make a pilgrimage to see or participate the the beauty of the Sun's alignment with the standing stones at Stonehenge.  Other people watch the Solstice at the Glastonbury Tor.

The center photo, below, comes from the website of  BBC Science Focus Magazine www.sciencefocus.com  The other phots are from our 2022 vacation in the UK.   

Gratitude June 19, 2023

Thank you to all those dear souls who came to my booth for a reading at the Alpine Blues Festival, June 16th &17th! It was an honor to bring to you a message from Spirit, the Divine, God, the Angels, All that is; whatever name you call your Higher Power.

I also want to thank my husband, Ben for his love, help, and support in the set up, tie down (through 30 MPH winds), and take down of the booth.  He was there bringing food, drinks, and sending both moral and spiritual support. He is my cheerleader for all that I do! 

I sincerely thank Terri Filipi, Alpine Country Blues Festival organizer and originator, Jo McCammond, vendor coordinator, and Celina Gonzales, gate keeper, for the opportunity to bring PageTarot to the Festival for the second year! Thank you to all the vendors for bringing delicious food and beautiful merchandise to share with the music enthusiasts! Thanks to the musicians for the 11th Year of fabulous country and blues music!  

Thanks to Alpine for the spectacular scenic views and energies of nature.  

Manifesting With The Moon

June 18,2023

Manifesting with the Moon 

Here’s how it works. Twice a month we have a New Moon and a Full Moon. The New Moon is for manifesting. The Full Moon is for releasing. Try it out!

On a calendar or online you can find the actual times of both the New Moon and Full Moon.

(Hint: With a free phone App called Skyview, you can accurately locate the Moon, constellations, and planets.)

The New Moon: (Next one June18th @ 8:37am AZ time)

The New Moon occurs when moon is between the Sun and the Earth; therefore the side of the moon facing the Earth is dark.  Before the day of the New Moon, make a list of some positive things you wish to happen during the next 2 weeks. On the day of, and close to the actual time of the New Moon, take your list outside. Some people create a sacred space by lighting candles, sageing, ringing a singing bowl, or saying a prayer to bless the location. Under the New Moon energies, read your list aloud. With gratitude in your heart, visualize the things you wish for, coming true. Safely burn the list, voicing your gratitude to the Divine. Or you might also put the list it in a place where you can refer to it later.

The Full Moon: (July 3 @ 4:30am AZ time)

The beautiful Full Moon is easier to see, than the New Moon. On the night of, and close to the time of the Full Moon rise, you will again create a sacred space. Some people like to make Moon Water by placing a glass container of water outside under the Moon. Tonight under the Full Moon, you will forgive and release the past, people, places, or things that no longer serve your highest purpose in life. Create a list of those things you are forgiving and releasing, so you can burn it under the Moon. It really helps to symbolically “let go” of the past, as you safely burn the list. You will also release thinking about the things left over from your New Moon list that did not yet manifest. (You can always wish for them again or re-evaluate at the next New Moon). After you have done the release and forgive, and the burning of the list, give gratitude to the Divine for the beautiful Moonlight!

The routine of Moon manifesting and releasing, forgiving and expressing gratitude is a positive practice of focus upon what you truly desire. 

These Moon rituals have been done since ancient times!

Blessings for Successful Moon Manifesting to All!


Marysue Page is a Certified Angelic Advisor and Tarot Card reader from Alpine, Arizona. For more information about Manifestation, the Moon, Angels, and card readings, visit my website:  marysuepage.com or PageTarot.com Corrected version June 19, 2023.

An Invitation

Come Visit me for a Reading at the 

Alpine Country Blues Festival June 16 & 17, 2023!


The "Queen of Earth" Tarot card was pulled in honor of Earth Day.  From Angel Wisdom Tarot by Radleigh Valentine, with illustrations by Dan Craig.  

Published by Hay House,  2020.

An EARTH DAY Message 

from Mother Earth

 April, 22, 2023

Dear Mother Earth,

Hello, I Love you!  

I know you do, Dear!  Keep moving and pushing toward our Health and Well Being.  Believe and Know you are a part of my Heart, as I know you Love me too!  We are both going through Constant Changes, and yet we will always be Together.  We are Beautiful Reminders of God's LOVE.  We are Abundant in Every Way!*

*Channeled message to Marysue Page, April 19, 2023.

New Moon in Aries March 21,2023

Welcome Spring!  

The Spring Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere occured March 20, 2023, and a few hours later, the New Moon in Aries signaled the astrological New Year.  At the beginning of the astrological new year, it is a time of new beginnings and goal setting.  In the New Moon we set intentions to manifest our biggest plans and visualize our dreams coming true. Aim high!  Ask the Universal energies (God/Goddess, Spirit, etc.) for abundance of all types in every aspect of your life: monetary, healthwise, business, loving relationships, friendships, warmer weather, you name it!  See your dreams and intentions coming to you and be grateful!  

FYI, here in Alpine, Arizona, we are getting COLD weather: snow, wind, and a rainy snow mix!  So much for Spring!  I always do a manifesting ritual  under the energies of the New Moon.   

The ritual can be done in daylight, as the  New Moon is hidden behind the Sun.  

The time of the New Moon this month was 10:32am.  Outdoors it was so windy and snowy that I  was not be able to light a candle or start a cleansing fire to burn my New Moon wishes. Instead, I  performed the ritual candle lighting, chanting, and intention setting in front of the large picture window in the loft; where the sun could bee seen glowing underneath the cloud cover.  Near the end of the ritual, I took my list of intentions outdoors and burned them in my little cauldron on the porch.  The wind quickly blew the cold ashes out of the cauldron and away on the wind!  Then I came inside and blew out the candles to close the ritual.  The card for this lunation, from Yasmin Boland's Moonology Manifestation Oracle Card deck, with gorgeous artwork by Lori Menna, is labeled:

"GO FOR IT!"   

It seems appropos with the wind taking the intentions off into the world!  As I look out the window at our triple oak tree with sparkly drops of water, like diamond jewels shining, on the branches, I wish for you, all blessings of abundance in perfect timing!

Blessings of the New Moon to everyone who reads this! 


St. Patrick's Day        March 17, 2023

An Irish Blessing   

May the road rise up to meet you. 

May the wind always be at your back. 

May the sun shine warm upon your face; 

The rains fall soft upon your fields 

And until we meet again, 

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

A Reading for St. Patrick's Day March 17, 2023

St. Patrick's Day is a Holy Day in Ireland, commemorating when St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.  It is also a fun day of celebration worldwide.  

St. Paddy's Day falls in Spring, when folks get the nudge to clear the home of Winter dust, de-clutter, organize, and remove what is no longer needed.   

Your card for today is The Helper of Abundance; also called the Knight of Pentacles in Traditional Tarot.  This card which has shamrocks and an Irish flair, and reminds you to get to work on things you have planned or dreamt about.  Spring is a time of planting seeds, growth and creation.  So get going with manifesting!  The Helper of Abundance also speaks to things you may have procrastinated. Start the garden, send out the resume', let your creativity bloom!  

Use your internal compass and continue on your life's journey!  Will you take the Rugged Path or the Easy Path?  Ask your Guardian Angels, the Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, family and friends for help.  The Helper of Abundance reminds you  "Get organized and then get going!  You got this!"

This  card is from Guardian Angel Tarot deck by Radleigh Valentine, published in 2014 by Hay House.

My Angelic Driving Team   March 15, 2023

Greetings Fellow Travelers....

Whenever we drive into the state of Texas, I like to play the song by Lyle Lovett: "That's Right (You're Not From Texas)".  He goes on to sing: "But Texas wants you anyway..."   It tickles my funny bone to hear the lyrics and the catchy "Large Band" rhythm of the tune.

The point of this article is not about Texas, even though the trip to the "Lone Star State" triggered the idea for the blog.  The article is not even about music, although the purpose of the drive to Texas was to see a musical performance.  This Blog is to tell the reader about my Angelic Driving Team!  

Whenever I get ready to drive or ride anywhere, I call upon my Guardian Angels and the Mighty Archangels for protection, directions, and guidance of all types.  

I ask Archangel Michael to be there for protection:  In Front, Behind, Above, Below, and Right and Left of the vehicle. Also I ask AA Michael to manage and monitor the mechanical workings of the truck, and insure that I am always surrounded by excellent drivers. I visualize a dark blue bubble around my vehicle.

I ask Archangel Metatron to drive. He will insure that time will slow down or speed up as needed.  Example: I  arrive at my destination in plenty of time for an event.

I ask Archangel Raphael, angel of travel, to ride shotgun as my "up to the minute" GPS guidance; meanwhile insuring the health of the drivers and passengers.

I call Archangel Uriel to light the way as a pathfinder; sending signs, synchronicities, and epiphanies during the trip. For night driving he is especially helpful!

I request Archangel Jophiel to help me see and find the beauty of the sights along the way.

I ask Archangel Ariel, angel of nature, to make sure that wherever I drive, any animals are safely going in another direction; away from the highway.

I request Archangel Gabriel to keep the means of communication going strong with the phones, internet, early warning systems, etc.  She also helps with hearing and seeing along the way.

Not always last (because there are sometimes other angels needed) I ask for Archangel Sandalphon to keep me grounded, focused and secure during the drive.  If I call out a prayer, I know Sandalphon will get the prayer quickly to the Divine.  

I AM So Grateful for my Angelic Driving Team!

Love & Blessings, Fellow Travelers!


On March 2, 2023, I took this photograph at Cadillac Ranch, on the frontage road of Route 66, just west of Amarillo, Texas.  This is a public art installation created in 1974. The sculptural statement was made by Ant Farm artists: Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, and Doug Michels.  Twelve types of Cadillac cars were buried nose-first in the dirt of a wheat field. 

As a high school art educator (now retired), I taught my students about different genres of art expression including "Installation Art."  When the piece was first installed, the cars were in their original colors.  Over the years the Caddies have been moved to a different location along the hghway and now are covered with graffiti.  At a trailer on site, you can purchase cans of spray paint to add your own commentary or color to the piece.  

What is your opinion?  

How does the graffiti change the original artist's intention?  

What does it mean to you to see cars buried in an open field?   

See more at https://texasview.org      See Wikipedia for even more!

Woo Hoo!  Angel Magic! March 9, 2023

After asking for Angelic Assistance with my 2022 Taxes and  meeting with the Tax Professional, I was thrilled to receive refunds from both the Federal and the State!  

Thanks to the Archangels seen in the photos below! 

Angelic Assistance with Your Taxes

Hello Fellow Tax Filers! February 27, 2023

There are people who file their tax returns immediately after their 1099s are received, but some of us who itemize, must gather the records, receipts and documentation and then get organized.  

Before computers (Yes, I'm that old!), there was an old cliche about people bringing their receipts to the accountant in a shoebox.  Although I do not send my accountant all the information in digital form via email, like my millenial son, I am a little more organized  than gathering items a shoebox. I use a file folder, paperclips, a spreadsheet, and the angels! 

After years of teaching high school, using an old fashioned calculator for adding up student grades, it was a miracle to learn how to use a computer spreadsheet for adding scores for grades!  Now, after retirement, I enjoy using a spreadsheet for personal and tax accounting organization.  

To help me gather everything I need, I call upon specific angels to assist me.  When you need the angels, simply call them and they are ready to help you!

First, I call upon Archangel Metatron, the time management angel, shown on The Chariot card, to help me to find the time to work on the taxes, to meet the tax filing deadline in plenty of time, and to assist me in getting a convenient, timely appointment with the tax preparer. 

I then ask Archangel Uriel, "The Light of God", as seen on The Sun card, for epiphanies, ah ha's and advise in shining the light upon the location and type of document needed.  Uriel is assisted by Archangel Zadkiel, "The Righteousness of God," shown on the Balance card.  He is the angel of memory, who helps me not only to remember all the specific documents, but also where to find them. "Now where did I file that?"  Archangel Chamuel, "He Who Sees God," on the Awakening Card, is the angel who finds lost items; and sometimes he helps find the right place (website) to get a replacement document.  I ask Uriel, Zadkiel and Chamuel  to help me locate 1099s, all types of receipts, bills maked "paid," credit card and PayPal statements, screenshots of donations, and motor vehicle transactions, etc.

Archangel Gabriel, "The Strength of God," as The Empress, is my "go to" angel for helping to compile and organize all the documentation I need to type into the spreadsheet.  She is the angel of communication.  

Finally I call upon Archangel Raziel, "The Secrets of God,"  as the The Magician, to create just the right the conditions for a tax refund!  

Anytime you need the help of your Guardian Angels and the Archangels, just ask and they are there! Thank you Dear Angels for helping me with my 2022 taxes!

May you all find a magical refund when you file your taxes!

With Love and Blessings,


Cards from Angel Wisdom Tarot, by Radleigh Valnetine,  artwork by Dan Craig, Published by Hay House. 

Gratitude & Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2022

To All Family, Friends, Neighbors, Traveling Companions, Earth Angel Community, Angels of the Divine, Archangels, Living Spirits on Earth, Passed Spirits in Heaven, Living Beings in Whatever Form, and Inhabitants on Earth... 

I send Love, Peace, Joy and Gratitiude for the ways in which you touched, enriched and blessed my life and the lives of others.  May Blessings of the Divine Surround You!


As Promised, more of the UK Tour......  

Day 1 of the UK Tour, Saturday, September 3—The Tour began with complimentary breakfast at the hotel and a free day. After the long walk yesterday, we decided to use our “free day” to take a Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Tour of London; which the hotel concierge kindly arranged for us. The bus stop was right across the street from the hotel. With the seated overview of the city and Ben’s great memory for directions and locations, we were able to see some of the places we wanted to visit later!  London turned out to be an easy city to navigate. 

After the bus tour, we walked over Westminster Bridge and passed the Houses of Parliament; which were closed. We saw a small protest of people and signs in the grassy area next to Westminster Abbey.  Later we heard that the protest was the reason the Houses of Parliament were closed. Ben was feeling tired, so he sat in the statue park while I looked at the statues. That evening the Globus Tour began with the “Taste of London” excursion. The excursion included dinner and a guided boat cruise up the Thames to see waterfront landmarks. We were picked up at the hotel and bused to the restaurant; were we had dinner with some nice ladies who were on a different Globus tour than ours. The night cruise was beautiful and the tour guide was excellent and informative about both history and architecture.  Did you know that the Thames looks muddy because there is tidal sea water flowing through?  Sea fish are caught by those who fish along the banks!  You can see from the photographs, the waterfront is magical at night!

Although this was actually our second day in London, it was the first day of what would be a full tour of England, Wales and Scotland. After our rough start the day before (see the September 27th blog), this much more relaxed day ended with an appreciation for both the history and color of the exciting city of London!  More to come....

Thaks for reading my travel blog!


The Balance & Star Cards (above) are from Fairy Tarot and Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine; published by Hay House.

October 2, 2022                       

Welcome to October and the sign of Libra! 


Libra is the zodiac sign symbolized by scales of measure—a balance. I am nudged by Archangel Zadkiel (middle card above) to post this October message of Balance.

September 22nd was the Autumnal Equinox; the day when both day and night are the same length—balanced.   

From the Autumnal Equinox onward, the days become shorter and the nights become longer as we move toward winter.

It is Fall

Here in my little town of Alpine, we are in the beginning stages of fall. The nights are now below 40° and the days are cool and breezy, sometimes getting up to 70.° Kinda perfect weather, to my way of thinking!  Within the next two weeks we will get the first freeze.

Most of the flowers have gone to seed. The leaves on the aspen and oak trees are just turning brown and beginning to fall. Even the needles on the evergreen trees turn brown and fall; creating a tornado of needles as you drive down the road. It will soon  be time to rake.


I recently discovered that the day that I was born, my birthday was in the sign of Libra.  But I did not know that until many years later!  By the time I was able to read and look up my daily horoscope in the newspaper, my birthday fell in the sign of Scorpio and my birth time was called "on the cusp"; being just past midnight.  One of those social conversation starters in the 60’s, “What’s your sign?” was always answered with “Scorpio.”

About five years ago I began to follow the astrologers Yasmin Boland, Dr. Michael Lennox, and astro numerologist, Tanya Gabrielle.  Someone recommended that I go to astro.com and have a birth chart made.  My birth certificate said I was born two minutes after midnight. I plugged my birthplace and the time of birth into the form and my birth chart came up showing that I am a Libra!  I checked it several times!  Wow, what a surprise to learn at age 65!

Previously, when I read the characteristics of a Scorpio, they never seemed to fit; but when I checked my "new" sign of Libra, they were "spot on" with my personality. I am balanced. Mostly standing in middle ground: indecisive, people pleasing, focused on the fair and equal distribution of money and finances, and being torn between weighing decisions regarding most aspects of being a human.

Now I ask you, What's Your Sign?  Are you sure?  Go to astro.com and get your free chart!

Thank you for reading my Blog!

Fall Blessings!


The following cards illustrate the strological events happening the month of October:

October 9, 2022 The Full Moon in Aries.

October 25, 2022, The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio.

From Yasmin Boland's Moonology Oracle Cards, Published by Hay House.

Our Trip to United Kingdom, Part One             September 27, 2022

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”  *

British Author, Charles Dickens 1859, A Tale of Two Cities

In January of 2020, my husband and I booked and paid for a dream vacation to the United Kingdom for a very special reason. Not only it is the land of some of my ancestors, there was going to be a baseball game in London. My husband and I call ourselves, "Ballpark Chasers."  We have attended ballgames in all 30 of the US Major League Baseball stadiums, and visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. We wanted to add to our ballpark accomplishments by going to London to see the MLB game between the St.Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs; which would happen at London Stadium in June of 2020. My son had arranged for tickets, as he and my grandson had attended the first ever MLB game in the UK between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees in 2019.

Our trip to England would continue with travel to Scotland and Ireland. As many other travelers in 2020, we reserved our travel just before COVID. When the pandemic hit the fan, most tour companies did not give refunds and instead issued travel vouchers, which would hold our money until a date in the future when it was safe to travel again. (**See footnote). We were notified by Globus, the tour company we used for England, Scotland and Wales, that we had until the end of 2022 to use our travel vouchers.  With the vouchers plus additional money for flights, we booked a trip for September 1st through the 18th of 2022.  We were very excited; despite the fact that there would be no baseball game in 2022!

Before we left on the trip, I started reading the Google News feed for travel and packing tips. I began to see bad news of how luggage was being lost, especially at Heathrow Airport; where we were going to be arriving! There were articles of warning and loss from baggage handlers and stories from flight attendants about how luggage is thrown away unclaimed or sent to the wrong airport; never to be found. The more I read on Google News, the more of those same type articles were included in my news feed! I saw advise about how people had found their luggage by using Air Tags and other tracking devices. I continued on to stories about theft in hotel rooms, and how to safeguard purses and money belts from pickpockets.

I read the cautionary news and began to prepare for our vacation.  Mixed with happiness and joy about my vacation, I began to worry about my possessions.

Have you read or seen the movie The Secret? Do you follow Abraham Hicks?  The Law of Attraction states that whatever you think about for an extended period of time, will come to you—positive or negative. I was trying to have everything planned out and be safe, but what I was doing was attracting fear and worry! Worrying about my phone, my luggage, my credit card and driver’s license.  

In all my years of travel, I have always checked my luggage and never used a carry on suitcase. But after reading the news feed, I decided to pack all my clothing and travel accessories in a carry-on; while carrying a backpack stuffed with a few days of clothing and undies. 

I bought and attached Air Tags to our suitcases and backpacks. I sewed pockets into my bras and figured out how to wear my money belt without a pickpocket detecting it. My credit card and drivers’ license were placed into a scan proof holder. I placed photocopies of my passport and drivers’ license into my suitcase. 

My husband thought I was overdoing it. He packed an extra large suitcase to check in. He figured that the souvenirs would fit into his bag and he trusted that the airline and Heathrow Airport would not lose his suitcase. But he did pack an extra shirt and shorts into his backpack as a precaution.

The day of the long awaited UK trip arrived!  On September 1st, we flew from Phoenix to Minneapolis.  From Minneapolis we flew overnight; arriving the morning of September 2nd into Heathrow Airport. As he expected, my husband’s suitcase was safely on the baggage carousel. A kind representative from the tour company met us at the designated location in the arrivals area of the airport and directed us to the driver of the pre-paid transport to our hotel. 

The Park Plaza Westminster Hotel, where we were staying, is a perfect location to see London!  It is centrally located for seeing the city and directly across from Westminster Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben tower!  Arriving two days before the organized tour, we had planned to see a bit of London before the tour began on September 4th. My husband thought it would be a good idea to add three additional days at the end of the tour for sightseeing in London. Before returning home, we had booked a day trip on the Eurostar through the “Chunnel” into Paris for  a “Hop On Hop Off” bus tour the 14th of September.

As soon as my cellphone connected to the London phone service, I received an email cancelling the trip to Paris. The independent tour company did not have enough people buying tickets to make the trip on September 14th.  We wondered if we might go to the Eurostar station and buy our own tickets after our Globus tour.

After checking into the hotel, we asked someone at the tour desk where we might find someplace nearby to eat.  She suggested the area around the nearby London Eye and told us how to get there. As we walked out, we snapped our first photos of the Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament.  As we walked along the Thames that morning, many of the food stalls were not serving breakfast, so we kept walking.  

I have to admit, I was very tired after an all-day; all-night flight.  My husband was also tired and feeling the effects of the plane ride on his legs and hips. He also felt as if he was getting a cold.  Before we left home, he had been watching You Tube and had seen several markets he wanted to visit for interesting food.  So we walked (it seemed like miles) to Borough Market. We enjoyed the sights, and sampled a variety of foods.  One of the stalls from which I bought food, only took credit cards. I had forgotten that my credit card and driver’s license were in a little protective sleeve in the front button pocket of my jean jacket. After a few stressful minutes, I found the card and paid for my food. I thought I put the little protective envelope back in my pocket, but quite possibly I slipped it somewhere else or missed the pocket. After we ate, we began the walk back to the hotel. We were so tired, my husband flagged a cab. I didn’t realize how far we had walked, until the cab took so long to get back to the hotel! 

When we got to the hotel room I discovered that and I had lost my credit card and driver’s license in their protective sleeve. It was either in a London taxi cab or on the ground at Borough Market!  

Immediately, I called the credit card company and the card was cancelled without any unusual charges made on it. Thank God/Goddess and All the Angels! The credit card company suggested a fraud alert be placed with all three credit bureaus. When an alert is placed with one bureau, they notify the other two. My card company said they would mail out a new credit card to my home address. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t get home to validate the card for 16 more days! The worry I created before the trip had attracted a negative result. A “Tower Moment” for a Tarot reader!

Our first day in London on our dream vacation was off to a rocky start! 

The next travel blog, will continue with happier accounts of mystical synchronicities, wonderful people, places and events in the tour; including news of the transition of Queen Elizabeth on September 8th.

Thank you for reading my blog and may Spirit/God/Goddess be with you!


“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

1988, Bobby McFerrin, American singer/songwriter


* People have used this quote from Charles Dickens to describe the events surrounding COVID 19; which began in early 2020.

**Last year, CIE, the tour company for Ireland, gave us the deadline of using our vouchers before the end of 2021, with the added information that they did not tour in November or December. So we used our previously purchased flight tickets, masked up and flew to Ireland in August. We were the first tour bus in Ireland after 2 years of Covid restrictions and we were first in line to everything: Blarney Castle, Cliffs of Moher, Waterford Crystal Co., Keeling Distillery, and Sean’s Bar. (among so much more.) The Irish people welcomed us with open arms and hospitality.  But the there were no pub crawls with lively Irish music, as the country was not fully “open.”  Ireland is a wonderful and magical country and the tour company kept us safe. We were required to test negative in order to return home to the USA. Thank God/Goddess, we were COVID negative and returned home safely after a thorough tour of a most beautiful and hospitable country.  We hope to return someday for the music and lovely Irish people!

Training in Angel Communication                                          October 26-30, 2022

Hello Lovers of Angel Tarot!  I am excited to continue my education in angelic communication, as I will attend the course offered by Radleigh Valentine this October in Tampa Florida!  Join me for the fun! 

 Go to radleighvalentine.com for details.

New Beginnings                                                                                May 15, 2022

The Full Blood Moon in Scorpio, usually called the “Flower Moon,” will officially occur tonight at 9:14 pm, where I live in Arizona. What makes it a “Blood Moon” is the eclipse; which begins at 7:14 pm, as a little ‘bite” of the Earth’s shadow begins to moves over the Moon until it appears completely red at 8:29 pm. The red color will last for over an hour, and then as Mother Earth continues her trip around the Sun, lovely Luna will gradually return to her slivery glory. 

This lunation signals a time to let go of past upsets, resentments, and fears, according to astrologer Yasmin Boland. As she suggests to the readers of her 2022 Moonology Diary, "Under this powerful Full Moon Eclipse, let go of the one thing you are most afraid to release."  Tonight under the Full Blood Moon Eclipse in May, I release the fear of putting myself “out there” and starting a helping business and website for reading Tarot and Oracle cards. This blog is the new beginning, the first issue after letting go of that fear.  

Near the end of 2021, I began to follow Yasmin Boland’s method of working with the cycles and energies of the Moon—setting manifesting intentions at the New Moon and releasing with the Full Moon, what does not follow my Highest Purpose as a spirit having a human experience. The cycles of intention and release involve rituals done under the New Moon, the Dark Moon, and the Full Moon.  As my monthly blogs continue, I will elaborate the rituals in more detail. Or you can join and participate with Yasmin Boland at www.moonology.com.


Part of the Full Moon release ritual involves expressing gratitude.  I am especially grateful for the advice and support of my son, Andrew and daughter-in-law, Desi. To Andrew, for setting up and acting as admin for my website and to Desi, for research and business recommendations. I am also so grateful to my husband, Ben, for his encouragement, listening and for believing in me.  

Blessings, Welcome, and Hello to anyone who finds my website and blog!


Moonology Diary 2022 by Yasmin Boland; published by Hay House.

This website and business venture came as a result of signing up for the course: Launch, Build, And Grow Your Tarot Business, Online Spiritual Business Course, with Radleigh Valentine and The Muniverse. I am very grateful for this step by step method for both beginners (like me) and existing business owners. Check it out at school.radleighvalentine.com