***Tarot & Oracle Cards used in photo illustrations and readings are created by RadleighValentine and published by HayHouse

One Card Reading

Price: $5

Three Card Reading

Price: $20

  • Choice of Past, Present, Future or Strength, Heart, Challenge

Multiple Card Readings

Price: $40

Celtic Cross

Price: $50

  • Advanced reading, including an emailed personalized written report.

One Year Reading

Price: $100

This probability reading, including a written report, is created at the beginning of a New Year or as a suggestion of possiblities for the beginning of a new birth year.

Tarot and Oracle card readings are possiblities and not set in stone. Before doing a reading, a card reader will say a prayer that their reading is an accurate and positive message which serves as a blessing to the client and the world. The reader then connects with Spirit, their own guardian angels, and the guardian angels of the client in order to bring messages, suggestions, comfort, and healing. A card reader is not a mind reader. As my favorite medium, John Holland, is fond of saying, the messages are “from Spirit; through spirit; to spirit.”
Spirit sends messages of potentialities that are subject to change—especially here on planet Earth.

I believe in God, and that no other Spiritual entity is above God.

Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Mary Magdeline, the Archangels, (such as Michael and Gabriel), goddesses, (such as Kuan Yin and Lakshmi) and other Ascended Masters are the helpers of God.

As a card reader, I pray to God and call upon his helpers.

So be it, and so it is!

So why get a reading?

  1. You are usually receiving validation of something you already know—in your heart, your bones, your soul.

  2. A card reading can help you focus on your desires. You may be wishing for something and you need a positive affirmation that you are moving in the right direction.

  3. A card reader is a neutral listener and supportive confidant for you to process thoughts about life events. Spirit selects the message and the reader is there to interpret and intuit.

  4. You may wish to hear from departed loved ones.

  5. You may want to know the meaning of certain synchronicities, colors, numbers, spirit animals, and astrological events.

  6. You want to discuss your own spiritual connection with a like-minded spiritual person.

No ethical card reader should offer information about or betray the privacy of anyone—including answering questions about someone who is not the client being read. Your reading is private unless you decide to share it yourself.

Payments can be made through Venmo or PayPal